Walk On – the Web’s most powerful Video Spokesperson system

Walk On is a powerful and engaging video spokesperson system that allows actors, graphics or even YOU to literally “walk on” your website and deliver targeted messages to your visitors. Create customized, living calls to action and drive more traffic to your promotions, sales, “contact us” page or any other point of conversion. Our graphical options offer even more variety – skip the actor and have sleek, animated images draw a visitors attention without distracting them from your content. Mix & match actors with graphics through a playlist and give visitors a fresh experience every time they hit your homepage.

Web video is the most engaging form of media on the Internet. Walk On videos leverage that fact to your specific business goals.
From on demand videos to Walk On videos on Facebook, we are leading the way in video for business. Our innovative video spokesperson platform is as effective as it is easy to use. Just establish your playlist, choose the day(s) and time(s) for your walk on video to play and watch the statistics to optimize your videos for maximum impact.
Our videos also include our exclusive backend interface which gives you a clear, easy to understand dashboard. For business owners this is a much needed look at the effectiveness of your video spokesperson. A 24/7/365 snapshot of who visited, how long they were there, where they came from and where they went delivered right to your desktop! And since we know you’re not at your desk all day, every day, the Walk On dashboard is available on iPad, iPhone, and any iOS device!