Exclusive Features from the Walk On video platform


Log in from your desktop or smartphone and see how your Walk On videos are performing. You have 24/7 access to critical metrics such as number of visitors, time on site, video plays and click through statistics. Coupled with scheduling, this information will enable you to hone in on visitor habits and preferences to optimize their Walk On experience and increase click through rates.

Complete Control and Customization

Walk On offers more control over your messaging than any other video spokesperson solution. Customize the look of your player with your company logo and colors to enforce consistent branding, turn videos on and off yourself without having to contact a rep or submit a support request, build playlists of multiple videos and schedule them to only appear when and where you want. It’s your business, you should have complete control. With Walk On, you do.


You can schedule your Walk On videos to automatically display between certain days and times. Scheduling is perfect to promote Flash Sales, Deals of the Day, Secret Promos, Limited Time Offers and the like. Plus, you gain endless creative opportunities by delivering different messages at different times.


Know what messages are delivering the results you need with data on how visitors are interacting with your Walk On video. Clicks, re-plays, pauses, stops, mutes, we track it all so there’s no need to add additional tracking codes or create new landing pages on your site.


Multiple display locations means you can create more engaging, dynamic designs by positioning a Walk On video where you want it on your webpage. You’re not limited to just the lower right corner like with other on site videos. Walk On isn’t only an addition to your site, it can be a focal point that leads to new, creative web designs that weren’t possible before.


Walk On videos can be composed entirely of graphics, or include graphics and an actor. You aren’t limited to a talking head! Mixing graphics with actors in a playlist will keep the experience fresh for your visitors. Short, simple calls to action are perfect for utilizing graphics and moving visitors deeper into your site quickly and effectively.


Choose a destination to send visitors who click on your Walk On to send them exactly where you need them. With the right call to action, you can have visitors jump further into the sales funnel with one simple click and stop losing them along the way. You can even link Walk On videos to other sites for cross promoting your Facebook, for instance.


One of the most important aspects of branding is consistency. Have a custom skinned player to incorporate your logo and match your site’s design.


If you need help implementing your Walk On code, writing a script, or anything in between, we’re here to help. Signing up with Walk On isn’t the end of our relationship with you and your business, it’s just the beginning. We have writers, designers, videographers, editors, strategists and coders who can assist you with all things Walk On. Our dashboard allows you to manage your account and make changes without the need for a call or e-mail, but our staff is on hand should you need us.